Many Different Heated FID Emissions Analyzers, Non Methane Hydrocarbon FID Analyzers, THC Monitors, Process Hydrocarbon Analyzers and  Aerosol Can leak Detectors by Bautz Engineering

J.U.M. Engineering has been manufacturing high quality fast responding propellant analyzers for high speed online aerosol can leak detectors since 1984. We design and manufacture high quality heated total hydrocarbon FID analyzers and non methane hydrocarbon FID gas analyzers for industrial, environmental, stack testing, OEM, and medical applications since 1973

Our goal is to provide reliable, economical and innovative quality FID-analyzer solutions. Personal attention to the applications, and monitoring requirements are most important for us to support the needs of our clients

  • New Automatic Leak Tester for Filled Aerosol Cans installed and started up in the 2nd week of this November 2011at a filling line of a German manufacturer and filler of technical products. Our model AeroFid-100 machine used as a water bath alternative right after the check weigher. This installation is in full compliance with all current UN and EU regulations. This new installation leads to significant gains in production efficiency and improves the health and safety sector and leads to an improved risk management in the transportation of aerosols. The use of our leak detector eliminates the immense cost of operating and maintaining a water bath.

  • Redesigned model 603 heated FID on our new digital platform with 7" touchscreen interface now available since October 2011

  • This February 2011, we proudly celebrate the 27th anniversary of  the joint relationship with Bautz Engineering for the manufacture, installation and startup of two of our first ever high speed micro leak detectors for filled aerosol cans

  • All new AeroFid-60 aerosol can leak testers by Bautz Engineering shipped and installed in late fall of 2010 brings the numbers up to a total of 20 machines. This machine rounds up our family of 3 run-through models and two carousel models

  • Newly designed H-100 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer for the trace measurement of hydrocarbon contaminants in hydrogen gas brought to market in early 2010

  • Redesigned W-600 wall and panel mount total Hydrocarbon Analyzer for bio gas purification applications shipped and installed in early 1010

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